New Google Design???

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This new Google Design appears to one with us in the office for Wednesday 17 December 2003 20 o'clock on one of our computers - however only on this. Perhaps probably it is because of the Google Toolbar which is incorrectly installed and a developer mode indicates or something similar.

 なんだか良く解りませんが、このデザイン会社で不正にインストールされたGoogle Toolbarを2003.12.17の20時以降にオフィス内で使うとデザインが変わる?らしいです。(間違っていたら指摘をお願いします・・・)
 Design preview 0 - Google starting side
 Design preview 1 - Normal search
 Design preview 2 - Picture search
 Design preview 3 - Newsgroup
 Design preview 4 - Listing
 Design preview 5 - New search
 Design preview 6 - Advanced search